On behalf of the school governing committee and the staff, it gives me great pleasure to thank you for your interest in IRIS School. By the will of Allah (SWT), IRIS School was started as a community project in 2009 with a few children and Alhamdulillah through your continued support, has now grown into a fully-fledged school with more pupils. IRIS School has established a name for itself for providing high quality education in a safe, secure, inspiring and harmonious Islamic atmosphere. Our aim is to build firm foundations, nurture your child’s delicate personality, make every pupil feel valued and cared for and ensure each child achieves their potential. We look to instil in our pupils, Islamic values, British Values, good manners, confidence and a sense of duty and purpose towards the world. We believe this will help them excel spiritually and academically and make positive contributions to tomorrow’s society. Insha Allah we are confident you will find us helpful, supportive and approachable.


Our mission, vision and values

Our mission statement is as follows:“To create and promote firm foundations in a warm caring Islamic environment, in which each child can achieve their full potential in Faith and Education, and blossom into individuals who are proud of their Muslim identity and who are an asset for our society”

Our school logo portrays the school motto: ‘Firm Roots, Branches in The Sky’ This has been adapted from a Qur’anic verse, which describes the results of strong belief as a tree with strong roots, healthy branches and flourishing fruits to have successful futures for our students

Our School values should be evident in all that we do at school. Our learning values are:

A = Ambition & Aspiration. This means we always aim high and never give up. We display perseverance, determination to succeed, courage and resilience.

K = Kindness. This means we have compassion towards one another, respect one another and have strong friendships.

H = Honesty. This means our relationships are built on trust and we are honest in our actions.

L = Loyalty. This means we are loyal to one another and have strong friendships.

A = Acceptance. This means we tolerate and treat each other equally and with respect.

A = Appreciation. This means we always show gratitude to ours for all that we have.

K = Kinship. This means we uphold strong ties of kinship/ strong friendships.


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Welcome Back to School!

Dear Parents, We hope you’ve had a great summer break, and we’re so excited to welcome back our staff members and students for what we hope will be will be …

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