Our School Values

Our School Values

Our School values should be evident in all that we do at school. We draw focus on each individual value over the course of a half term. Children are taught about the constituent elements of each value and begin to understand the importance that we place in each. Assemblies are used to introduce and explore the values in greater depth. We also try to incorporate the value in other curriculum areas whenever possible. By emphasising the importance of these key tenets, we aim to embed these values within our curriculum, our staff and our pupils. Our learning values are:

A = Ambition & Aspiration. This means we always aim high and never give up. We display perseverance, determination to succeed, courage and resilience.

K = Kindness. This means we have compassion towards one another, respect one another and have strong friendships.

H = Honesty. This means our relationships are built on trust and we are honest in our actions.

L = Loyalty. This means we are loyal to one another and have strong friendships.

A = Acceptance. This means we tolerate and treat each other equally and with respect.

A = Appreciation. This means we always show gratitude to ours for all that we have.

K = Kinship. This means we uphold strong ties of kinship/ strong friendships.